• Shaya is one of the most well known performers in Greece.

    Shaya is one of the most well known performers in Greece.

    Her career launched when she took part in the “Pop Stars” TV show, which led to the formation of the band “Hi5”. The ultra-successful and popular girl band released 2 albums and 3 singles in collaboration with Warner Music, and performed all around Greece, in a series of sold-out shows. After their break-up in 2005, Shaya decided to pursue a […]

  • “Ti Eixa Ti Exasa”

    “Ti Eixa Ti Exasa”

    Shaya “comes back” powerfully with the ultimate summer hit. Almost after 10 years, she takes us on a journey with a Greek song in ethnic-African sounds and sensual lyrics. “What I had, what I lost” is the title of the song which, as she tells us, is her Motto during this period and invites us to dance and live to […]

  • Shaya does love music.

    Shaya does love music.

    With 50 Digital Singles, 2 Digital albums, 30 Music Videos, an MTV Winner- Best Greek Act& MAD VMA Winner for the Best Hip Song while preparing and performing on more than 3000 gigs/ 200 Corporate & Private Vip Events Worldwide, Shaya gathers millions of fans and more than 500 Sponsorships. She now runs her own Record Label, www.slayhouserecords.com.